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Kieran has had a love of horses and riding since he was a young boy. He was a member of the Kingston Pony Club for many years where he learnt correct horsemanship, dressage and riding skills.

He worked for three years as a head jackaroo where he spent whole days mustering and working stock. This experience has given Kieran a sound understanding of how horses behave, how to treat a horse and what to be careful of.

He hunted with the Oakland’s Hunt club for several years where he honed his skills of jumping and learned more about how horses behave in a group.

Kieran and his wife Sue live on a farm with their four young children. Visitors are welcome to wander and enjoy all that the farm has to offer. There is a menagerie of animals including ducks - usually with a brood of ducklings, chooks, geese, the guinea fowl; and then there are the dogs, cats, sheep and cattle….

Sue will look after you all when you get back from the ride. You will be invited in to sit and rest your weary legs in front of the fire in the Tack Room. Or there is a beautiful Golden Ash to sit under on warm days. The Tack Room is a quaint stone cottage that was built with the purpose of storing tack, but the open fire and comfy chairs have made it the perfect place to relax after a ride. Sue cooks up a treat for you using fresh produce from the garden and the region. With a drink in your hand and some tasty tucker in your tummy, the stories of the ride flow and it tops the day off beautifully!

Friends and family members who do not feel like riding are welcome to relax in the Tack Room while waiting for the riders to return. Bring a book to read or talk to Sue about some great places to visit nearby such as the Captain’s Creek Winery, Newlyn Antiques and the Swiss Mountain Hotel; and Daylesford with all it has to offer, is only ten minutes away.